Budget Preparation

MSCertUSL Financials Budget Preparation solution supports your need to decentralize budget development activities and automate the budget submission process. We deliver a secure and fully integrated tool that provides your users with the baseline budget developed by your administrative office, and then give them the tools that allow them to modify the base budget, create scenarios, and add important justification comments.

USL Financials Budget Preparation module enables you to manage your entire budget lifecycle by offering a budget preparation and monitoring tool that provides real time access to budget information. This solution provides the Budget Managers with the ability to distribute, review, modify, redistribute and approve and post within a secure and integrated environment. The budget administrator can define multiple budget plans, track the progress and status simultaneously. Budget preparers and approvers can create different what-if versions until they select one to submit for approval and/or posting. Approved budgets are seamlessly posted to the General ledger.


The General Journal supports automatic reversal for accrual entries, and an unlimited number of journal entries. Each entry is marked for sub-ledger source. Detailed notes can be added and updated as necessary.


• Fully integrated with the USL Financials General Ledger and other USL modules and many third-party applications.
• Real-time budget management means no outside spreadsheets.
• Multiple budget plans provide a simplified decentralized budgeting process by distributing the budgeting to different Managers, restricting access to only their accounts
• Instant real-time summary budgets from multiple perspectives can be prepared to view the budget status at any time to guide strategic planning. Each report can be selected, sorted, and totaled in a variety of ways, with optional supporting justification – giving you the information you need, in the way you want to see it.
• Forecast future budget needs using historical data and user-defined calculations or formulas enabling you to better anticipate needs and ensure alignment with your overall financial strategic direction.
• Allows administrator review, and approval.
• Full audit trails
• User-defined security and workflow
• Seamlessly update the general ledger with newly completed and approved budget totals
• Provides for the inevitable budget adjustments to with easy “budget journal entries” that allows full audit trail of any changes
• Specific Calculations & Assumptions can be assigned each of the multiple budget plans
• Budgets can be applied to any line as annual budget, automatically calculated and spread evenly

Download Budget Preparation Cut Sheet

System Integration
Transactions are posted directly to the General Ledger module through the General Journal. Subsidiary ledger transactions from interfaced modules are transferred via the Transfer Distributions function.
Directly interfaced USL Financials modules include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, and Job Cost.
GL accounts, accounting periods and budgets are verified through the Control System module.
Advanced financial reporting is accomplished through three report writers: Quick Report Writer, Custom Financials Report Writer or FRx financial reporting system. This powerful, fully integrated reporting module allows for complete control of your most demanding financial statement
Other USL Financials modules include Purchase Order, Purchase Requisitions and Bank Reconciliation. Partner solutions can be recommended for Payroll, Hu-man Resources, Fixed Assets, advanced Budgeting and Allocations.

Full spectrum of reports and queries that are FASB/GASB compliant, audit-ready and meet the numerous requirements of funding sources, internal management and your board.
• Standard Reports
• Instant access to critical financial data across periods and fiscal years.
• Fully integrated with Microsoft Office suite of products.
• Flexible, built-in report writers.
• Reports scheduled and sent via email, with any email client, in PDF, Word or Excel format.
• Actual vs. Budget
• Annualized Actual vs. Budget
• Quick Financials Report Writer
• Budget Exceptions

Excel Financials Report Writer
• Create wide selection of custom budget reports.
• Reports can include multiple budget versions/years in the same report.
• Create your own report tem-plates. Set up an unlimited number of budget reports, preview them onscreen and save them for future use.
• SQL Server Reporting Services
• Create your own report tem-plates. Set up an unlimited number of budget reports, preview them onscreen and save them for future use.

Minimum System Requirements
• Dual Core, 2.3 GHz or better
• 4GB RAM (32-bit Windows Server) sized by need
• 8GB RAM (64-bit Windows Server) sized by need
• Windows Server 2008 – 2012 (R2 supported) (64-bit recommended)
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – 2014 (R2 supported) (64-bit recommended)
TERMINAL SERVER (if utilized):
• Dual Core, 2.3 GHz or better
• 4GB RAM (32-bit Windows Server) sized by user count
• 8GB RAM (64-bit Windows Server) sized by user count
• Windows Server 2008 – 2012 (R2 supported) (64-bit recommended)
• Core 2 Processor, 2.3 GHz or better
• 2GB RAM or better
• Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1) – Windows 10 Pro
• Microsoft Office Professional 2007 – 2016 (32-bit only)

Online Help
USL Financials contains context-sensitive, online help for all features and functions of the system.

• Full USL Database, Module, Menu, Function, Action and Account Level security options relative to the system security.
• Full security by Delivery Location in PO and PQ.
• Departmental Security via Workgroups in A/P, A/R, GL, and PQ.
• Security by Project, Sub-Project, and Funding Source (Grant).
• Relative to system security, The GL module has special menu items for administrative processing. Supervisor can see all the data entry users’ entries and is able to post it.

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