USL Financials’ Financial Accounting Suite of Applications provide a fully-integrated, full encumbrance fund accounting system, offering all the financial management features needed today by not-for-profits and government agencies for making smart strategic decisions, achieving the highest level of fiscal accountability, and evaluating performance.

Because of the application’s inherent client/server design, the software can readily be tailored to provide the kind of reports and functions specific to your needs. With its flexible account code, the application can easily be set up to maintain records for multiple grants, projects and departments while automatically keeping track of inter-fund balances and streamlining accounting across funds. When needed, funds can be set up with their own unique year-end dates to facilitate cross fiscal year reporting and accountability. Budgets are also accommodated within the application, providing a seamless environment in which financial reports are obtainable directly from the system without the need for re-keying information. The integration with Microsoft Excel lets you leverage the power of this application to control costs.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated budget reporting and monitoring with nine available budget versions.
  • Automatically balance inter-fund transactions, even across different classes of funds.
  • A flexible, user-defined Chart of Accounts that suits your unique accounting and reporting requirements and allows up to 32 alphanumeric characters.
  • Multiple fiscal entities with multiple fiscal years.
  • Create timely, accurate information, across any time frame.
  • Easy allocations and distributions.
  • Ability to track multiple funds, grants, and projects.
  • Ability to work with multiple open fiscal years and periods simultaneously.
  • Cross-fiscal year reporting for grants or any account segment

Today you must satisfy a broad range of internal and external reporting requirements – and with greater speed. The USL Financials Accounting Suite of applications unites all general-ledger accounting software to support all your internal and external accounting requirements. Streamlined functionality makes it significantly easier to comply with the latest FASB/GASB standards, while adding integration and flexibility. USL Financials will support implementation of new organizational-specific reporting requirements – while helping you reduce costs and increase data transparency. It will facilitate the increased union between financial and managerial accounting.

The integration of Microsoft’s extensible SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) has brought web-based reporting to USL Financials with features like multiple export formats, graphs, drilldown, drill-through, and schedule report delivery allowing customers to customize reports using the free tools from Microsoft.  The included Report Manager web portal allows customers to create their own reports and deploy them without the need to purchase additional USL licenses.

Financial statements and ad-hoc reports are easily produced, and can be e-mailed or saved as Word or Excel files. Drill-downs to subsidiary journals are built-in.

  • Multiple report writers with report wizards
  • Designed by CPAs in conformance with GAAP
  • Produce financial statements consistent with GASB & FASB
  • Consolidate financial information from multiple databases, platforms, and servers
  • Create virtual roll-up structures that do not exist in the chart of accounts
  • Publish reports on the web
  • Extensive drill-down capabilities from financial summary information into account and transaction details
  • Give greater depth and visual appeal to your reports
  • Report on both posted and un-posted activity

USL’s mainstream technology is centered on Microsoft SQL Server and capitalizes on the reliability and flexibility of the Windows platform. This technology ensures flexibility, scalability and high performance and seamless integration with Microsoft. Our suite of Enterprise Management Solutions can be hosted locally on the client’s network, or remotely hosted and delivered over the Internet. With the Microsoft Access-based front-end, users get unparalleled integration between the accounting system and Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows applications.

  • Import/export data to Excel for comparisons, analysis and budgeting.
  • E-mail your reports to others.
  • Input data to/from other systems by the way of ODBC and SQL queries.
  • Use Merge Files to leverage Microsoft Word to create custom letters and documents for communicating with your vendors and customers.

The USL Financials Accounting Suite of Applications is modular in nature with each module being designed to fully integrate with all related modules. Data entered in one module is available to other modules requiring the same data. Click on the links below to explore each of our modules in detail.

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