What’s Coming in USL Financials Release 6.2.01

Improved reporting • Workflow improvements and Email Integration • Project Accounting Enhancements • 

Improved Reporting
• Support for Microsoft’s Open Platform for report generation, SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). Reports can be output to a Web Browser (HTML), PDF, Excel, and various other formats, and includes features like Drill-down, Drill-through, Web Linking, Charts, Images, Report Distribution (via Subscriptions), Report Scheduling, and a Web Portal for users to be able to run reports with nothing more than a browser.

Workflow improvements and Email Integration
• Email notifications will be expanded throughout the system.

Project Accounting Enhancements
• Store Pictures in a Project Gallery
• Addition of Project & Sub-Project Milestones, dates, % Complete, Responsible Person, and Current Status.

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