USL FINancials’ Financial Accounting Suite of Applications provide a fully-integrated, full encumbrance fund accounting system, offering all the financial management features needed today by not-for-profits and government agencies for making smart strategic decisions, achieving the highest level of fiscal accountability, and evaluating performance.

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About USL


USL Financials, Inc. is a leading provider of fund accounting financial enterprise management and procurement solutions. The company is focused on state and local governments, not-for-profit organizations, educational and research institutions. By combining technology, strategy and creativity from a high-caliber team of professionals, USL Financials also provides requirements definition, conversion, implementation and training to enable organizations to move their financial systems to the new highly cost efficient, Internet-enabled, computer platforms available today.

USL Financials has adopted a “virtual alliance” with a Microsoft philosophy. Built upon the foundation of our products’ seamless integration with Microsoft, our suite of Enterprise Management Solutions can be hosted locally on the clients network, (“Local Hosting”), or remotely hosted and delivered over the Internet (“Cloud” hosting). Our solutions are further differentiated in that they have built in all the latest Microsoft tools and are:

• Faster to implement
• Easier to use
• Cheaper to install
• Cost effective to maintain


USL Financials, Inc was founded in 1990 and is incorporated in the State of Maryland. The company offers broad services, solutions and product offerings, and also differentiates itself as a Solution Provider company.

Our core technical and training staff has decades of experience in not-for-profit financial accounting software. Our programmers are highly skilled professionals, able to customize our modules for individual client needs. However, since all of our clients are not-for-profit organizations or governmental agencies, many projects have similar requirements.

USL Financials, Inc. has worked with state and local government agencies throughout the United States, from Virginia to California and New York to Texas. One of our specialties is helping clients who are required to electronically interface to state accounting systems, such as CalSTARS in California.

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USL Financials, Inc. is focused exclusively on public sector organizations. Our systems have special appeal for the many mid to large range customers who want to move from legacy systems to Microsoft’s new open architecture. This includes BackOffice on the network side and Microsoft Office on the client, with Microsoft Windows for end users. This low-cost, high-performance platform is very attractive to companies tired of changing accounting systems due to changing requirements and inadequate or unsupported technology.

USL Financials, Inc. has the staff depth and resources to meet every requirement for clients in need of a financial management system. From senior Project Managers to Technical Support, our staff is available to assist and help meet all of an organization’s needs. Staffed by CPAs, accountants and computer professionals, we have the resources to implement complex accounting solutions and to manage the underlying computer platforms and related, ever-changing, technologies. Our team can provide continuity throughout the implementation by anticipating problems before they occur, and by providing training geared to the flow of transactions and reporting requirements.

As part of the implementation process, USL Financials, Inc. will review a client’s business processes, and help them choose the best configuration of USL Financials to accomplish their stated goals. Our diversity of experience and knowledge of software systems allows us to maximize the potential of each client installation. In the past, USL Financials, Inc. has handled and constructed small to large systems and networks providing service and assistance to customers with various levels of experience. Our project management process will ensure proper coordination and quality control.

USL Financials, Inc. is expertly qualified to provide the services to not-for-profit organizations and State and Local Government Agencies for the following reasons:

USL Financials, Inc., through its financial ERP solution, a leading full encumbrance fund accounting system, offers all the enterprise financial management features needed today by not-for-profit and government entities. We are guided by our “virtual alliance” with the Microsoft strategy. To that end we strive to maintain our seamless integration with Microsoft technology. Our core product is comprised of a suite of fund accounting financial and procurement enterprise management modules that are seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server Terminal Services. These are the reasons why we often hear our user’s remark that our USL Financials screens are “concise”, “well-laid out”, “easy-to-navigate”, “user-friendly”, and “intuitive”.

Our USL Financials applications are installed across the United States and the world in major not-for-profit international entities such as the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in over 30 locations worldwide. On the other extreme, just to exemplify the scalability of the system, USA Hockey uses USL Financials on a standalone PC to manage their funds and the daily financial activities.

USL Financials is one of very few financial management packages in the market that utilizes only the user-friendly Microsoft platform and its scalable and flexible technology. The strength of USL Financials lies in the fact that it is built with a totally open architecture. The supportive software is all Microsoft, which greatly facilitates implementation, training, and on-going maintenance. A very typical installation/cut over can be accomplished within 1-3 months from its start.

All the applications within USL Financials incorporate the latest in user interfaces to make them easy to understand and use. The system is specifically designed to allow its users greater flexibility in information retrieval while, at the same time, meeting their long-term reporting requirements. The four fully integrated report generators, combined with the many standard reports, provide all the necessary information to satisfy federal and state reporting requirements, as well as support day-to-day decision-making. Our client/server suite utilizes:

USL Financials integration with Microsoft Office makes it a lot easier for the end-user to work with Excel, Word, Access, and Outlook interactively with USL Financials.

Through our open architecture, all the accounting software entry screens are securely accessible and modifiable.