USL FINancials’ Financial Accounting Suite of Applications provide a fully-integrated, full encumbrance fund accounting system, offering all the financial management features needed today by not-for-profits and government agencies for making smart strategic decisions, achieving the highest level of fiscal accountability, and evaluating performance.

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Purchase Order

USL Financials Accounts Receivable helps you manage two of the most vital aspects of doing business: cash management and customer information. Powerful on-line inquiry features, invoice and statement generation, and comprehensive open item aging help you track and manage all aspects of receivable transactions.

USL Financials Purchase Order shares vendor, purchasing addresses, and distribution code tables with Accounts Payable. Information from the Inventory Control module Item and Warehouse files can be used to create PO items for Purchase Orders.


Full encumbrance accounting and real-time budget checking.


Comprehensive vendor history.


Customizable purchase order forms, with optional printing, emailing, and faxing capabilities.


Ability to attach documents to purchase orders. Documents can be attached/scanned prior to, during or after PO entry and retrieved during reporting or vendor inquiry.


USL Financials contains context-sensitive, online help for all features and functions of the system.


Options for blanket purchase orders and integration with inventory management.




Full encumbrance accounting.

Real time on-line budget checking to ensure available funds.

Customized purchase order forms.

Automatically print or send PO’s using email or fax.

Easy import/export to/from excel, with validations.

Flexible delivery/receiving options.

Easy recall or prior PO’s or previously ordered items during PO entry.

Select inventory items from the Inventory Manager or select vendor items, including preferred vendor and vendor catalog numbers.

Automatically allocate price changes, freight and taxes across line items.

Change Orders provide for PO corrections and/or additions.

Handles blanket PO’s and their releases.

Unlimited notes may be entered for purchase order line items and can be printed on PO.

Permits different units to be used for stocking, ordering and receiving.

Creates multiple-drop purchase orders. For any line item, allows separate deliveries to the same or different locations.

Creates multiple-drop purchase orders. For any line item, allows separate deliveries to the same or different locations.

Flexible user-defined PO fields.


Fast on-line comprehensive vendor history/account inquiry displaying the details of all POs and payment activity.

Vendor purchasing addresses are maintained separately from the vendor’s remittance address.

Flexible user-defined vendor fields.


Receive all line items at once or receive goods on a line-by-line basis.

Supports formal entry and editing of receivings in the PO module or quick receiving from invoice entry in the AP module.

Updates Inventory Manager Items when received.

Serial numbers may be entered for a serialized inventory, if necessary.


Provide powerful on-line inquiry and drill-down tools:

View Purchase Orders

View Items for a Vendor

View Vendors for an Item

View Receivings

View Purchase Orders by

Month drill-down

View Account Balances

Prints a Purchasing Advice Report to help you identify what should be purchased.

Purchasing Addresses list

Purchase Orders Report

Change Order History


Receivings in Excess of Order

Receivings History

Uninvoiced Receivings


Expedite Shipments

Past Due Shipments

Vendor Items

Vendor Information

Vendor Labels

Cash Disbursement Projection

Unknown Prices report



Posted PO Distributions

Line Item Distributions

Code Reports

Deliver-to Locations

Distribution Codes

Edit Lists and Posting Registers are automatically spooled to disk to insure integrity of the audit trail and to save time. They can be printed at your convenience.


Full USL Database, Module, Menu, Function, Action and Account Level security options relative to the system security.

Full security by Delivery Location in PO and PQ.

Departmental Security via Workgroups in A/P, A/R, GL, and PQ.

Security by Project, Sub-Project, and Funding Source (Grant)



Dual Core, 2.3 GHz or better

4GB RAM (32-bit Windows Server) sized by need

8GB RAM (64-bit Windows Server) sized by need

Windows Server 2008 – 2012 (R2 supported) (64-bit recommended)


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – 2014 (R2 supported) (64-bit recommended)

TERMINAL SERVER (if utilized):

Dual Core, 2.3 GHz or better

4GB RAM (32-bit Windows Server) sized by user count

8GB RAM (64-bit Windows Server) sized by user count

Windows Server 2008 – 2012 (R2 supported) (64-bit recommended)


Core 2 Processor, 2.3 GHz or better

2GB RAM or better

Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1) – Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft Office Professional 2007 – 2016 (32-bit only)


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